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of the customers do not know much about the AI+UX


of the UX studios are not utilizing the AIX


Improve the speed by utilizing the Gen AI tools

Our Services

UX/CX Consulting

Our AI-Based UX/CX Consulting will improve the design & functionality of a product to create a better user experience, improve the overall customer experience & revenue growth.

Brand Consulting

Our AI-Based Brand consulting helps to focus & develop effective branding strategies, identify opportunities for brand growth.

Product Design

Our AI-based product design help to create new/existing product designs. It will help to save time and effort by rapidly generating multiple design alternatives.

Social Media Design

Our AI-based social media design will create posts and images, understand sentiment, and detect consumer trends.

UX Audits

Our AI-based UX Audits ensure that users have an easy time accessing content, completing tasks, and finding information.

A/B & Usability Services

We are providing expertise solution in AI based A/B & Usability Testing

Our Solutions

Design Recruitment

We Help you to hire UX/UI talents from the industry.

Body Staffing

We insource UX talents for your projects.

Virtual Design Studio

Relax, don’t build or hire design teams, we are here to help with complete design solutions.

Design Trainings

We provide cutting edge UX design trainings

Design Awards

Soon we will be launching the design awards globally

Design Workshops

Relax, we will help you in conducting the UX workshops

Why Choose Us?

AIX Pro is the world’s first AI-based UX/UI design studio. Our entire focus is on making the world a little better, one project at a time. The real MVPs are the awesome people we work with – they keep us motivated and going strong. Ultimately, it’s all about creating exceptional human experiences, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard, and delivering the best ROI to our customers through our AIX Solutions.


“We are Happy to work with AIX, they have helped us to improve the supply chain management”
“It is absolutely great team to work with, our mobile bank well accepted by our customers”
“AIX is different from others, Trust, Speed & Agility are the key to success”

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