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UX field needs to urgently engage with AI. This is partly because usability improvements are sorely needed for current AI tools but just as much because UX work can be vastly improved through the appropriate use of AI.

(Jakob Nielsen of NN Group)



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Jacob Nielsen

NN Group

AI cannot replace user research with real users.


Lorelei Bowman

Content Editor at Maze

Artificial intelligence is irrevocably changing the way products are built.


Shivayogi SC

Design Leader AI + UX

AI-infused products are more efficient and client-centric.


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AIX Pro.in is a world’s First AI-based UX design creative studio can help businesses create user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate. Such a studio can offer a range of services, including UX/CX consulting, Product Design, Brand Consulting, Social Media Design, and Design Recruitment Services with Virtual design studio solutions.

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UX Analysis of Website or mobile

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UX Analysis of Website or mobile

Heuristic Analysis

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UX Analysis of Website or mobile

Heuristic Analysis & Heat Maps

Detailed AI Tool Based Analysis

Analysis Reports & Sample Designs

Generative AI Needs Human-Centered Design

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For generative AI to fulfill its potential, rather than sinking into irrelevance because of stagnation in the pools of content it recombines and remixes, the creativity of human designers is more important than ever. And to work through the complex process of deciding which parts of a corpus or a model are biased, inaccurate, or illogical, the human-centered design process will be essential because of its emphasis on understanding the genuine needs and lived experiences of the people who use a system and on iterating frequently to converge on higher quality.